April 4, 2017

My mama has gained 12.5 lbs

She is craving lemons and is always full of energy and seems happy. She likes to run, swim and hit the gym, just like she always did before I came along.

The doctors say I am in the 22nd percentile in growth. That’s because my mama is peanut too!

On March 30th my mama did a video chat with daddy, G.G. Honey and my Yaya . It was time to find out if I was a boy a girl. I already knew, but they had to wait 😀 Yaya and Papa had tears in their eyes.

** May 15, 2017 **

My mama has gained 17 lbs now

She hasn’t been craving anything, she eats very healthy foods. Mama still likes to go to the gym and stay active outdoors. She loves Yaya’s big puppy Merle. He’s a big Catahoula and soon to be my best friend too.

Mommy has big news, she finished her first year of college with a 4.0! I’m going to be smart like her!