I have a lot of clothes already! So much we are going to keep track of it here for my mama.

UPDATE! May 2017 – I have a Lot of clothes for my first six months. I think I am going to need things to grow into for my next stages of growth. If I am as little as the doctors say I will be I don’t know what sizes I will need but here are some estimates on how old I will be.

I am predicted to be born August 13th, I will decide what I will do :p.
3 months old in November (getting cooler)
6 months old in February (still cold)
9 months old in May (It’s getting pretty warm)
1 year in August (It is HOT!)

My Yaya lost track of how much clothes I have because everybody is buying me the cutest clothes they can find! Mama, Grandma Dee and Yaya love shopping at boutiques to find one of a kind things and they are sewing and making things to keep me in style with Mama! Daddy better step up his game!

As of April 2017
Newborn: 11
0-3 Months: 8
3-6 Months: 4

Newborn: 1
0-3 Months: 2
3-6 Months: 2

Sleepers (full body):
0-3 Months: 2
6 Months: 1
0-9 Months: 1

0-3 Months: 5
6 Months: 1

3 Months: 1
6 Months: 1

Diapers (Huggies):
Newborn: 3
Size 1: 1

Bathtub –