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Land Sickness

Say what now?  Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, known as MdDS, translates as “disembarkation sickness” and is the clinical term for “land sickness”. It is the motion sickness people typically feel once they have returned to land after several days on a cruise vacation. MdDS has also been reported after air, train and space travel.

I didn’t notice it until this morning when the ship was still moving in my own room, in my house, that is indeed, built on land.  It’s a strange feeling to have motion sickness when you aren’t moving.  Good to know.

I am not sure what to talk about first.  I want to relive the feeling driving up and seeing the Valor, and feeling like a kid going to Disneyland. I was so excited I was hopping in my seat and my dear husband just kept smiling at me.  I was pumped and ready to go!! I left my worries, problems and expectations behind woo hoo! This girl was ready, or at least until we got through check points with our passport, boarding passes and first drink of the cruise that the lovely wait staff was walking around with.  DH went to get us some burgers from Guy Fieri’s burger joint, which are quite good btw, speaking from a gal who is not a big burger fan.Carnival Valor  Guy Fierri Burger  Also, what was in those drinks?  I had it halfway finished by the time I got my burger and I was already feeling three sheets to the wind.  I drank mine and DH’s, ha ha.  Good Stuff.

After eating we got an early all clear to enter our stateroom.  We were on the 6th floor “UpperDeck” balcony cabin 6280.  The room was just as pictured and all the YouTube videos showed. The only surprise was that we could store our larger suitcases under the bed!  Nice, because the closets held our carry-on bags.  I had to say for the first time on a vacation I fully unpacked and settled in.  I usually just live out of my suitcases.  There is a lot of storage in the room, the closet and the bathroom.  We didn’t feel cramped at all.

Having the balcony was very nice too.  We popped open a bottle of sparkling pink moscato when the ship started moving, sat back on our chairs and had a nice quiet, private moment before going and exploring more of the ship.  We checked out the Ivanhoe Theater, walked around the promenade, found a hammock on Serenity deck until it was time to change for our first night in the the dining room.  I need to make an entire post just about the dining room.  Do Not Skip It!  Best dining we had on the ship!

That sums up the first day.  I am sure small memories will come back to me in different posts.  I do not want to write a book here but I am want y’all to get a First Time Cruiser’s point of view.  It was an amazing, dream like experience and once this MdDS calms down, I will be back to the daily grind, daydreaming about Warm Chocolate Melting Cake… yum!