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Going On My First Cruise

I have eight days until my husband and I go on our first cruise. Yes, you read that right, Eight Days!  I am beyond excited!!

I have watched a lot of  YouTube videos about tips, tricks, tours, outfit of the day (OOTD), pros and cons of excursions into the ports.  Needless to say I have gone to every store recommended lol.  OMG I am so ready.  I plan on blogging, vlogging, Instagram, and doing an OOTD.  I want to remember everything and help another new cruiser.

My worries are that I wont have enough packed, one of us will get sick, I’ll lose my passport… and oh my gosh y’all, I have a passport! I never thought I would have one! It made this trip all the more real.  Ok, so I also worry about weight gain.  I have worked so hard at kickboxing and the gym to look decent in my bathing suits.  Note that I said decent, not great.  Great will be next cruise ha ha.  Heck, I even got a spray tan :O

Well now that is all said let me show you what I have bought.  I may blog a lot!!  Y’all have a beautiful day!

Dollar Tree Cruise Haul
Dollar Tree Cruise Haul: Candy, Mesh Laundry Bag, 8 shower caps for packing shoes, glow fingers & sticks for sail away party, small first aid kit, suction cup hooks for the bathroom to hang wet clothes/bathing suits, strong clips to hold down towels (I decorated with those cute daisy’s), Glade air freshener, and anti-diarrheal medicine because we are going to Mexico lol (click images to make bigger)
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer.  Totally cruise and beach appropriate scents.  Yes!