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We’re Back

We just got home today and I am on a cruise high, even though I feel disembarking a ship is stressful and they really throw you back into reality with no safety net.  Cruisers, you will understand what I’m saying, think back to your first cruise.  Yeah, remember.

Before I get into outfits, food, ports, shopping and all of the grand experiences I am going to talk about today, when I got off the ship and how all of that went. My husband and I went to Carnival’s Debarkation event with the cruise director, Brandon.  He talked about how the process goes, had a power point and it was very informative.  I wish they had actual video so we could really see how it all goes by.  A first time cruiser must be prepared.

We woke up early, as we were informed at the show and the debarkation paperwork that was slipped under our door that we were to be out of our rooms by 8a.m. Lordy, ok.  I packed the night before, DH decided he’d pack in the morning.  No stress there *snort*.  So we got up and were told because of the weather in Galveston we were delayed an hour so we could hang in our rooms longer.  We left our rooms at 9a.m. and sat in the Ivanhoe Theater until our floor was called to get in the long, fast moving line off the ship.

Around the time we get to the ships door my purse broke. My purse that was holding my Sail and Sign card, our passports, cash and phone.  Really?! At least it didn’t happen in Cozumel.  So as I was slightly holding things up trying to tackle that while trying to get my card so that man at the door could scan me off the ship 🙁 so sad btw.  Then it was a mad rush down the ramps to immigration, wrestle my purse again, show my passport (getting that is another story, they are important for making your experience as smooth as possible) and then ha ha the secret Texas State Tax on all liquor and cigarettes that were supposedly tax and duty free. Nope, Texas has its hand out and want a piece of it. So we paid the tax on our two bottles of flavored tequila we bought in port at Progresso.

Next we go outside the chaos of fellow passengers leaving and many just getting on.  I looked at them with envy, *sigh* say hello to my shady spot at Paradise Beach. My husband left me with all of our luggage to retrieve the truck. Make sure you are left where your family can pick you up, I was in the wrong spot and had no way to move all our over packing by myself.  DH parked the truck, ran over to me and we ran with our luggage, as not to get into trouble by security, threw our suitcases in and quickly found a What-a-Burger followed by a Buc-ees.  Back in Texas and the weather has cleared.  Bluebonnets are every where, the grass is greener and lusher than when we left.

DH and I were looking at our cruise for next year while waiting in the theater. Six days to Costa Maya, Belize & Cozumel.  Bring it on! And girl in my shady spot, That’s My Seat!

  • For more information on Carnival Cruise Lines Debarkation Click Here to go directly to their site.  I highly suggest reading it before you set sail.