We Are Hooked

I have to share, DH already booked our next cruise.  We talked about it on the last day just before getting off the ship, we talked again for a few more days and then decided where we wanted to and Bam! Next cruise booked!  I am so excited even though I have 354 days to go.

That is 354 days to research our stops, purchase items I wish we had, and watch my Carnival Hub App countdown and get me closer to the fun!

The reason I believe so many people get hooked on cruise ship vacations is that there is no thinking involved.  Which can be a good thing and a dangerous thing to your bank account at least.   We did not have to think  about where to eat for breakfast.  We ordered room service with coffee and pastries while we woke up, got dressed then headed to the buffet.  Lunch didn’t matter, if DH wanted a burger and I wanted Tacos, go get your meal and meet back at the table we would meet back at the table we smartly put our drinks down on.  Dinner, forget it, it was early dining or the same lunch scenario.

If you have an onboard budget the drinks could get tricky if you did not purchase a drink package, we didn’t have one, though we are not heavy drinkers so no worries there. The ports are chosen, generally people talk about what they will do, if they will stay onboard, get an excursion through the ship or third party or will they simply shop close, eat lunch and nap in their stateroom.

Even that bit of thinking is so minimum.  A cruise truly takes all of the worry away from you.  Stay smart about your money, track what is spent on the app. or your smart phone and relax.  There are literally thousands of people working to make your life so much easier.

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