Food Glorious Food

I am sure by now most people thinking, going or have been on a cruise has researched, watched, tasted all the cruise ship food options and have seen what everybody has eaten.  I feel I too must follow in their footsteps and show our plates culinary delights.

Day one, we had early dining in the Washington Dining Room. I enjoyed our dining room meals.  We would change into something a little nicer, clean up and have a slow down.  Don’t skip the dining room 🙂

I had the calamari, roasted chicken with veggies, dressing & ratatouille because I had never tried that before and who doesn’t trust a cute mouse to sell you on an item :D.  For dessert I had the Caramelized Phyllo with Caramel Cream, so good!

DH had the quesadilla,  flat iron steak, baked potato and broccoli and for dessert the tiramisu.

Breakfast! – from the buffet. I  liked taking extra bananas to munch on later.

The second night was formal night in the dining room.  We started off with minestrone soup and stuffed mushrooms.  I ordered the grilled chicken, which was a tad tough, garlic mashed potatoes and veggies.   For dessert I got the warm chocolate melting cake of course!

DH ordered the Blue Crab Ravioli and we shared the lobster. My first time eating lobster, I was not impressed.   I am sure they do it very well, I just was underwhelmed by it.  DH ordered the malted chocolate hazelnut cake for dessert.

Day three we were at port in Cozumel so we had breakfast delivered to the room, ate tacos at the previous mentioned place, and a Guys Burger when we got back on the Valor. Later made a snack plate of cheese, fruits and a few desserts from the buffet.  It was kind of funny because I kept getting looks while carrying our plates back to our room, I felt kind of judged lol.  However when we got into the elevator two girls were very interested in our food and asked where we got it and commented “You’re doing it right”. Woo Hoo stranger validation 😀

Day four we had the same breakfast, a wonderful  lunch buffet was at our Mexican Fiesta Excursion and I honestly forget what we did back on the ship.  Maybe pizza, I don’t remember. We had bottomless margaritas and Coronas with our excursion :O

So Day Five was the Chocolate Extravaganza and Tea Time at the same time.  DH didn’t want to do Tea Time with me so we went to the Chocolate Ex. and decided to try the Old Fashioned BBQ upstairs. I was very excited for both of these and I was hugely let down.  This is the only bad review I will leave for food on the Valor.  I would have been happier with another Guy Burger and a Swirls Cone. Even the mediocre pizza was better than the greasy meat, flavorless potato salad and chocolate that all had the same flavor and dang near the same texture.  Next time I am going to tea!

Day 5 Dining

The last evening of dining. It was really special. The dining crew came out, they played music, danced and brought out baked Alaska for all.  OMG, right in the feels with the speeches.  We had such a wonderful time!

My last meal on the Valor was a caprese salad, grilled chicken and another Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.

DH had the shrimp cocktail and the Caribbean Jerk Pork with red beans and rice.  I have no idea what he got for dessert, I was much to into mine 😛

Some notes: You can order as many appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts as you want.  The appetizers are not sharing size, they are individual size, so order a few if you want to try new stuff and share!

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