Formal Night on The Valor

I just want to be on a cruise again.  I now understand our friends who go every year.  They still get excited about their next cruise, as if they’d never been before. I get it.  I didn’t think about anything stressful.  I didn’t even think about food, it was always available.  I ate all the fresh fruit I wanted, I am not a big soda drinker so unsweet tea in my Rtic all day was nice.  When you leave your room it gets cleaned up while you’re out by a wonderful team.  The best part, a sweet towel animal is there to greet you when you get back 🙂

Our second day was Carnival’s Fun Day At Sea, which means you are having a fun day on the ship.  They do a great job with entertainment, we watched the Hairy Chest competition on Lido Deck by the pool, laid out next to Serenity Deck (it was full), we had formal night, got our picture “professionally” taken and had a lovely dinner in the Washington Dining Room’s upper level on Atlantic Deck 4. After dinner there was a country music duo 2Country4Nashville taking music requests in the casino, they were absolutely awesome. We stayed quite a while listening to them, talking with LeAnne about our crazy requests lol and dancing in memory of Grandpa.  We went to the Eagle’s lounge to finish the evening with a late night comedy show featuring Jamie Lissow from Rob Schneider’s show “Real Rob“.  I wish there were other comedians opening the show and it was longer than 30min.  Jamie was funny and we enjoyed the show.  For some reason I think we were hungry again and got some pizza to take to our room 😛 It’s probably a real memory 😀

Formal night is not to be skipped.  DH even bought a new linen suit for the occasion.  There is no real reason to purchase something new, but if your budget allows by all means go for it, however there are thrift shops, you can refashion something you already have by adding a brooch, a sparkly belt or just new jewelry and shoes.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful evening.  I tried Lobster for the first time, was not impressed, but I tried it, so yay me!  On this night I was introduced to what I have heard of, read about and seen online, Warm Chocolate Melting Cake!! It is worth all of the hype.  I promise, unless you don’t like chocolate, I can’t help you with that.

Songs we requested:

  • That’s All Right Mama – Elvis Presley
  • Time’s a Waistin’ – June Carter & Johnny Cash (not June’s first husband lol)
  • You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly – Loretta Lyn & Conway Twitty
  • He Drinks Tequila, She Talks Dirty in Spanish – Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan . Sdly they didn’t have the music to this one but they were so sweet and wanted to learn it for sure because it’s fun. Instead my alternate was Jose Cuervo by Shelly West. Just as great to hear.


Recipe for Warm Chocolate Melting Cake

Land Sickness

Say what now?  Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, known as MdDS, translates as “disembarkation sickness” and is the clinical term for “land sickness”. It is the motion sickness people typically feel once they have returned to land after several days on a cruise vacation. MdDS has also been reported after air, train and space travel.

I didn’t notice it until this morning when the ship was still moving in my own room, in my house, that is indeed, built on land.  It’s a strange feeling to have motion sickness when you aren’t moving.  Good to know.

I am not sure what to talk about first.  I want to relive the feeling driving up and seeing the Valor, and feeling like a kid going to Disneyland. I was so excited I was hopping in my seat and my dear husband just kept smiling at me.  I was pumped and ready to go!! I left my worries, problems and expectations behind woo hoo! This girl was ready, or at least until we got through check points with our passport, boarding passes and first drink of the cruise that the lovely wait staff was walking around with.  DH went to get us some burgers from Guy Fieri’s burger joint, which are quite good btw, speaking from a gal who is not a big burger fan.Carnival Valor  Guy Fierri Burger  Also, what was in those drinks?  I had it halfway finished by the time I got my burger and I was already feeling three sheets to the wind.  I drank mine and DH’s, ha ha.  Good Stuff.

After eating we got an early all clear to enter our stateroom.  We were on the 6th floor “UpperDeck” balcony cabin 6280.  The room was just as pictured and all the YouTube videos showed. The only surprise was that we could store our larger suitcases under the bed!  Nice, because the closets held our carry-on bags.  I had to say for the first time on a vacation I fully unpacked and settled in.  I usually just live out of my suitcases.  There is a lot of storage in the room, the closet and the bathroom.  We didn’t feel cramped at all.

Having the balcony was very nice too.  We popped open a bottle of sparkling pink moscato when the ship started moving, sat back on our chairs and had a nice quiet, private moment before going and exploring more of the ship.  We checked out the Ivanhoe Theater, walked around the promenade, found a hammock on Serenity deck until it was time to change for our first night in the the dining room.  I need to make an entire post just about the dining room.  Do Not Skip It!  Best dining we had on the ship!

That sums up the first day.  I am sure small memories will come back to me in different posts.  I do not want to write a book here but I am want y’all to get a First Time Cruiser’s point of view.  It was an amazing, dream like experience and once this MdDS calms down, I will be back to the daily grind, daydreaming about Warm Chocolate Melting Cake… yum!

We’re Back

We just got home today and I am on a cruise high, even though I feel disembarking a ship is stressful and they really throw you back into reality with no safety net.  Cruisers, you will understand what I’m saying, think back to your first cruise.  Yeah, remember.

Before I get into outfits, food, ports, shopping and all of the grand experiences I am going to talk about today, when I got off the ship and how all of that went. My husband and I went to Carnival’s Debarkation event with the cruise director, Brandon.  He talked about how the process goes, had a power point and it was very informative.  I wish they had actual video so we could really see how it all goes by.  A first time cruiser must be prepared.

We woke up early, as we were informed at the show and the debarkation paperwork that was slipped under our door that we were to be out of our rooms by 8a.m. Lordy, ok.  I packed the night before, DH decided he’d pack in the morning.  No stress there *snort*.  So we got up and were told because of the weather in Galveston we were delayed an hour so we could hang in our rooms longer.  We left our rooms at 9a.m. and sat in the Ivanhoe Theater until our floor was called to get in the long, fast moving line off the ship.

Around the time we get to the ships door my purse broke. My purse that was holding my Sail and Sign card, our passports, cash and phone.  Really?! At least it didn’t happen in Cozumel.  So as I was slightly holding things up trying to tackle that while trying to get my card so that man at the door could scan me off the ship 🙁 so sad btw.  Then it was a mad rush down the ramps to immigration, wrestle my purse again, show my passport (getting that is another story, they are important for making your experience as smooth as possible) and then ha ha the secret Texas State Tax on all liquor and cigarettes that were supposedly tax and duty free. Nope, Texas has its hand out and want a piece of it. So we paid the tax on our two bottles of flavored tequila we bought in port at Progresso.

Next we go outside the chaos of fellow passengers leaving and many just getting on.  I looked at them with envy, *sigh* say hello to my shady spot at Paradise Beach. My husband left me with all of our luggage to retrieve the truck. Make sure you are left where your family can pick you up, I was in the wrong spot and had no way to move all our over packing by myself.  DH parked the truck, ran over to me and we ran with our luggage, as not to get into trouble by security, threw our suitcases in and quickly found a What-a-Burger followed by a Buc-ees.  Back in Texas and the weather has cleared.  Bluebonnets are every where, the grass is greener and lusher than when we left.

DH and I were looking at our cruise for next year while waiting in the theater. Six days to Costa Maya, Belize & Cozumel.  Bring it on! And girl in my shady spot, That’s My Seat!

  • For more information on Carnival Cruise Lines Debarkation Click Here to go directly to their site.  I highly suggest reading it before you set sail.

Husband Has Shopped!

I repeat: Husband Has Shopped!

This makes the cruise much more official.   He didn’t realize he needed excursion clothes, dinner clothes, walking around the ship clothes and new shoes.  I don’t think it was all that real for him either until he got a few new clothing items.  Just a couple of short days and we are sailing away!

There is one more major thing we haven’t decided on, our excursions!  No wonder he didn’t know about the wardrobe change, we don’t even know what we are doing.  I don’t know which one to take.  I  do not want to swim with Dolphins or take a dune buggy to salt mines.  The cenotes in the Yucatán sound promising, I want to see some Mayan Ruins and chill at the beach.  DH better make up his mind, and quickly!!

I suppose I have no room to talk about decisions. Today I took out one pair of shorts, a top and a pair of shoes from my suitcase and replaced them with a pair of jean capris.  I still have not done my nails, packed my jewelry, work out clothes or colored my hair.  Tomorrow looks like I will be busy!!

Well y’all, I hope a cruise is in your future and this blog helps you learn something from a first time cruiser 😀

In Port

My ship is currently In Port!!!  Ahhhhhh, how exciting!!

I have repacked my suitcase three times now.  Decided to take out two shirts, add a pair of shorts and bought two new shirts.  I am out of control y’all.  I bought a new make-up/toiletry bag set, two water proof phone cases for C.J. and I, a cute sun glass case, some white boat shoes… I really want to wear my new clothes now but I need to wait for the cruise.  I will do an OOTD.  I enjoy watching them on YouTube and they are inspiring for color, style, jewelry and reasons behind some of them from experienced cruisers.

As far as the ins and outs of cruising goes, CruisesTipsTV has been a wealth of information. I recommend that channel 100%.  Also find some different videos and get a tour of the ship you will be going on.  I have watched these several times in the months leading up to our cruise and I am very glad I did.  I feel like I am much more comfortable with the layout, the dining areas and over all what is available to me on the ship.  I know I will learn more with first hand experience and hope to come back with my point of view 🙂

My goodness, I just want to be on the shop already!!!

Going On My First Cruise

I have eight days until my husband and I go on our first cruise. Yes, you read that right, Eight Days!  I am beyond excited!!

I have watched a lot of  YouTube videos about tips, tricks, tours, outfit of the day (OOTD), pros and cons of excursions into the ports.  Needless to say I have gone to every store recommended lol.  OMG I am so ready.  I plan on blogging, vlogging, Instagram, and doing an OOTD.  I want to remember everything and help another new cruiser.

My worries are that I wont have enough packed, one of us will get sick, I’ll lose my passport… and oh my gosh y’all, I have a passport! I never thought I would have one! It made this trip all the more real.  Ok, so I also worry about weight gain.  I have worked so hard at kickboxing and the gym to look decent in my bathing suits.  Note that I said decent, not great.  Great will be next cruise ha ha.  Heck, I even got a spray tan :O

Well now that is all said let me show you what I have bought.  I may blog a lot!!  Y’all have a beautiful day!

Dollar Tree Cruise Haul
Dollar Tree Cruise Haul: Candy, Mesh Laundry Bag, 8 shower caps for packing shoes, glow fingers & sticks for sail away party, small first aid kit, suction cup hooks for the bathroom to hang wet clothes/bathing suits, strong clips to hold down towels (I decorated with those cute daisy’s), Glade air freshener, and anti-diarrheal medicine because we are going to Mexico lol (click images to make bigger)
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer.  Totally cruise and beach appropriate scents.  Yes!