Hello world!

You read that right, Hello world!  The generic first posting of a WordPress Blog.  This is what appears when you start a new blog.  You might say “MO, this is not a new blog though, you’ve had yours for years!”  Yes I know, however I accidentally deleted a few things from my files that made the entire thing not work.  Not even with a restore.

At first I felt sad and frustrated, then I thought about my content and what did I really lose, nothing.  I now get a chance to start fresh.  That can be my silver lining.  I am glad to still be here, to have a presence on the web and get a reader every now and again.

Thank you all for still being here, for being new and just being you.  I hope I can entertain you.  First let me introduce myself to you, again.

I was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California.  My family always lived out in the country and I went to the same schools with the same kids from pre-school to graduation.  That is where I met my husband I used to refer to as Maverick, now I would say he was more Stan Smith & Ron Swanson.  Stan Swanson ha ha!  I met him at the dreamy age of 15.

For the past 23 years together we have been on many adventures with our three daughters, the U.S. Army and various pets that survived along the way.  We are settled now in Central Texas after a bit of Fort Hood life and we are happy as can be to live in the Lone Star State.  Our life is quiet, rural and blessed.  We have a wonderful family of friends here, a great community, and our parents are nearby to help when life gets to be too much.

My wish is to keep up with this blog, to get to know you and share ups, downs and learn something new.  I am always learning!

Thank y’all for stopping by,

Mama G’