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My goodness this blog has made a lot of changes. I decided to go with this girly pink decor around here. As much as I love my horses, life in the country and getting dirty when I need to that’s not 100% who I am. I’m also not all pink ribbons and bows but I don’t want any skulls and guns on my blog, not yet anyway :D. So if you get confused by the constant changing of things I have to say that I find it hard to stick with one look, I am more than pink, horses, skulls, fitness, mom, wife and the other hats I wear. I’m a whole lotta personality ;) As I am sure you are too! :)

It’s Wednesday again, no Hump Day Camel for me I will just be glad when I am finished with today. I always like Thursdays for some reason. Nothing special has happened on a Thursday, as far as I can remember anyway, it’s just pre-Friday and already feels weekendy to me. That’s a new word, weekendy, use it, wear it out. Wednesday feel like an anxious day, it’s all tense and needs a nap.

Here I am on Woman Crush Wednesday again and I don’t have a crush today. At least not just one. I am crushing on every woman out there reaching their fitness goals while juggling a job (career), children (career lol), school, hobbies, volunteering, just life! Don’t give up. We all struggle, have bad work out days, didn’t sweat, couldn’t lift what we did last week, got a cold, our children got a bad grade, the dog got into the trash and our new shoes hurt our feet all day long! It’s just one thing, two things, maybe three :/ uh oh! Put your headphones on, stretch outside if need be and go! It’s harder for us, women, than it is for men, we get emotional, it’s how we’re wired. Take that emotion and do something for you, and I don’t make bake a chocolate cake and devour it :D

Happy … Day! HA!

A Fitness WCW

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In mid-December Maverick came home home and the G’Fam’ started back at the gym. We fell off the wagon the previous summer. So we’re now back to it with a vengeance. In the past month I found out about Ashley Horner. According to her FaceBook she’s a Fitness& International Model, Triathlete, Creator of the Becoming Extraordinary Training Series, Elite Team, WBFF Pro, Writer, Mom, Master Trainer.

Before and After

My Woman Crush Wednesday!

I don’t want to be her or look like her because she’s who she is and I am who I am and we don’t have the same life or body size. I am inspired by her. I push myself to become awesome and know that she’s not sitting on her booty eating cookies, she didn’t miss a work out and she’s going forward. I need to know that she and other women are pushing themselves daily.

As of today I have had seven days of work outs in a row. Five at the gym and two at home. I was going three days on, one day off. I am working on my run, weight lifting and recently included yoga. On top of the working on the outside of my body I am working on the inside thanks to Dr. OZ’s Rapid Weightloss Diet, that actually kick started healthy eating, though confession time, I don’t follow it to the letter, this girl loves cheese! It’s a nice reminder of what should be entering our bodies. My family has more energy, various health problems, like asthma, are getting more under control, it’s great! You will only get better with a healthy diet and exercise!

Thank you Ashley Horner, for sharing your journey even when people post negative comments. Keep on going!

I used to do…

I used to be in the doll community, a long time ago. Those little pixel dolls people used to do. I wonder if they do them any more. I haven’t googled it, guess I should. I spent hours making little pixel people.


I miss making these. I think I can do better now.

I also used to be apart of other pixel communities. Tutorials, bases, line art, etc. I paid for a couple of them. I don’t even know what people use any more. I think pixel art was simple and fun. It was great therapy before we got horses. Ahhhh there we go, that answers my own question of “where did my time go for doing these things?”. Maybe I’ll pixel some horse stuff. That’s something I haven’t tackled. Oh boy!


I’ll be back with more of what I used to do ;)

Life is good today

I decided to dust off the old camera today. I am a tad rusty and my photo editor isn’t as good as my go to Paint Shop Pro. It’s frustrating but I can only get better :). I wonder if I can get the horses to cooperate. My number 2 daughter did. I can’t wait to practice on the other two.

My life is full of the girls mostly. I am on a journey to figure out who I am when I’m not a mom, wife and animal hoarder. Just me, standing alone, what makes me tick. I honestly think it’s being a mom. I get frustrated and lonely like anybody else but doing things for my family is what makes me tick. Sure I would like help and wish like any mother that my children would clean up more and just over all be my version of perfect but at the end of the day I love them and am very proud of them just the way they are. I am happiest when I see them succeed.

I wanted this blog to be more about me though. What I’m doing. As of right now I’m living where the green grass grows and watching my neighbors corn pop up in rows ;). It’s not a bad life. This is my view from my front porch after all…

Doin’ the best I can

It’s officially summer around here and I’ve decided I need to blog here more. Though I say that a lot and nothing comes of it. I realized Facebook is destroying the blog world, or at least my blog world. I also realized that I don’t post much about myself on my Facebook. It’s mostly what the kids or animals are doing. Maybe I should get back into what it is I am doing. I might actually be interesting. Only time will tell on that one ;p

I am pretty envious of people who get up early and accomplish so much. I’m glad I don’t actually live on a farm where animals need milked, eggs gathered from the coop and hog pens cleaned out. Also nothing here gets slaughtered. I joke and say none of my animals make me any money and are basically useless but I think I like that. They are pretty easy to keep up with. I pretend I’m a busy lady but in all honesty I could get everything done in half the day but I stretch out over a week.

School days I get up and feed the five horses we have, let the goat out if my dad didn’t already. I feed the dogs, have my coffee & breakfast in front of the television while talking on the Ipad with Maverick. He’s never in this country any more, he’s very Trans-Atlantic :P I’m very Texas comfy and I intended to stay that way but Maverick wants me to be Mrs. Trans-Atlantic. Not so sure about all that but we’ll see. Take a little Texas charm across that big pond. Or at least some D.L. Jardine’s ;)

It’s about to get horsey around here. I leave you with Chevy, the second place winner of the muddiest horse photo contest and Zena, the lesson in not leaving grain on the front porch :D

Goat Burps

Yes you read that right, Goat Burps, something I looked up a few minutes ago. I have seen Delilah burp, heard it etc. and today I got to smell one… oh goody. It was the foulest thing I have smelt. She had just eaten a Little Cutie orange and it smelled nothing like that. Ughhh. I then thought I wonder if goat burps are normal. They are and it is very healthy or they get bloat and their little abdomens blow up. Not a great visual. So even though it’s the nastiest smell I’m very glad our goat burps, now only to train her to turn her head.

My girls are awesome

My middle daughter is trying to get sponsors to earn money to get to Josey Ranch. She not only is trying to raise money for herself but her oldest sister as well. So far she has one company sponsoring her. Not too shabby but she has a long way to go.

Hi, my name is Kaitly G. and I’m a member of my county’s 4-H Riding Club. I have competed in the county youth fair on my seven year old American Paint Horse, Broehain. We have come in 3rd place in my age division.

I have worked very hard to get to where we are at. I do not have a trainer and I work with used tack and no arena and I’m fourteen years old.

I would like to attend the Martha Josey barrel racing clinic in Marshall, TX. This has been my motivation since I started riding. The only thing holding me back from making my barrel dreams come true is money.

My dad is a 16 year Army veteran and I want to show him how grateful I am for all the sacrifices he’s made by paying for the tuition to the Josey Ranch by myself.

I would appreciate any donations big or small. I would be happy to use any form of advertisement that you wish to provide. If you choose me for sponsorship I’ll be so excited to prove myself! I’m very pumped to continue my barrel racing career.

Thank you for you’re consideration!

- Kaity G

She worked out the cost of gas, hotel, food, and the clinic fees. She came up with $1900 in all for she and her sister to go. So far she has $50 :D. What a great kid! She’s motivated and I have faith she’ll make it :)

Oh Christmas Crafts, Oh Christmas Crafts…

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas barreling in like a fat horse to the grain buckets it’s time to think gifts. I’m a huge fan of homemade gifts, not just to make but receive also. I have one quilt done for a friend, I have a few things to make for my girls, my husband and my dad. I haven’t started :P. It’s time to get to on it. I hope this week will be more productive.

The horses are going to get a few little gifts and Hanky will get some Christmas PJ’s. I saw some at Walmart and thought I’d make my own out of Christmas Fleece but Hancock Fabric but they are not carrying Christmas Fleece this year. Ummmm ok :/ sure, because nobody likes making Christmas themed items at Ummm Christmas time :O. Anyway, tee hee…

My girls are wanting a lot of horse items for Christmas, nothing I can make though. Not with my limited sewing talents, small machine and bad fabric selections. So Chick’s Saddlery and here I come! I wish there was a goat world, not a whole lot is offered for pet goats. I guess people with goats aren’t as silly as we are. I think I just found a business for me to start ;)

Too Many Hobbies

Do you ever feel like you have too many hobbies? I just recently added Essential Oils and Prepping to my hobby list. Before that it was quilting, costume making, stencil painting, bento, barrel racing, foreign language and scrapbooking. I guess that’s not too many but it sure feels like a lot. I’m kinda good at these things but not great at any of them. I do it, see how it works then put it down and move on. I like to constantly be learning something new. I need to focus and get great at something. But what… something new? :P

On the cowgirl front I had Chevy tied up, which he does not like, he moves around too much no matter how I scold or correct. He was tied up so I could use the bot knife on him, bots are killin’ me, nasty buggers! He got tired of it and tried to bite me. Not the pull his ears back and bare his teeth bite but a Hey mom knock it off nibble. He got one warning pop on the lips and then a more aggressive one. He didn’t like that lol. He stood still with his lips all wrinkled up. Crazy boy, he really is a sweetheart, I swear ;)

Check out Doll, she’s enjoying a good roll…

Doll Rolling

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

This morning I was feeling a tad blue, missing Maverick. I went outside and played with my new gelding, Chevy. I love Chevy, he’s the horse I said no to :P. He’s a super cute sorrel quarter horse. I had such a beautiful view of him and his “siblings”. Oh and our resident Guineas, Johnny & June :p


I am a blissfully happy married lady - 3 children (all girls, teens too) - 2 dogs "O.G." & Hank - 2 mares, Doll, Zena, and 2 geldings, Max & Chevy - My husband was a U.S. Soldier, now he's Mr. Trans-Atlantic - I like to Quilt, take pictures, pet my ponies, blog, and make costumes. - I am quirky - I have terrific friends - I find that horses make a bad day melt away


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